Children Of The Mushroom

childrenofthemushroom1From: Thousdand Oaks, CA, USA

This group evolved out of the Captives in early 1967 and haled from Thousand Oaks, CA, a town just west of L.A. Members included Jerry McMillen (guitar, vocals, flute), Bob Holland (organ), Al Pisciotta (bass), Dennis Christensen (drums) and Paul Gabrinetti (guitar, vocals). They were first influenced by the Doors, but gradually took on more of an Iron Butterfly sound, with their songs emphasized by the outstanding organ playing of Holland.

They released one outstanding 45 in 1968 on the Hollywood label, Soho. The A-side, ‘August Mademoiselle’, was written by Holland while the B-side, ‘You Can’t Erase A Mirror’, was written by McMillen and Holland.

McMillan went on to audition for Iron Butterfly, but this didn’t pan out. They soon started listening to Jethro Tull and McMillan began playing the flute. In 1969, Holland left the group and they changed their name to Lady and played a lot of Tull influenced music. They stayed together in one form or fashion well into the mid-70s.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single “August Mademoiselle”
Children of The Mushroom - Single

  • August Mademoiselle
  • You Can’t Erase A Mirror