Chris & Craig

From: Southern California, USA

Chris & Craig were a short-lived duo hailing from the US. They released one single on Capitol Records, the interesting “Isha” / “I Need You.” The single was produced by Steve Douglas. “Isha” is an Indian/folk-rock song that features a sitar and/or harpsichord. It is a fast paced, engaging pop song that have relatively eluded compilers of psych music. It is believed that Craig later recorded under the name Maitreya Kali. Kali released the album Inca, which features some tracks written by Chris Ducey (aka Chris Lucey, aka Bobby Jameson, aka Robert Parker James). Some of the material on Inca is said to have been recorded in 1965 by Capitol, leading people to wonder if Chris & Craig were Maitreya Kali and Chris Lucey. Artist info: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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From the 1966 single “Isha”
Chris & Craig - Isha

  • Isha