Circus Maximus

From: Austin, TX, USA

Circus Maximus was a band from the late 1960s who combined elements of folk, rock and jazz into a form of psychedelic rock. The band was originally called the Lost Sea Dreamers, but their label, Vanguard Records, made them change the name as the initials “LSD” were seen as too much of a reference to the drug culture of the times. Circus Maximus formed in 1967 with Bob Bruno and Jerry Jeff Walker.

The band played a pair of “Electric Christmas” concerts in December 1967, which were not critically successful. Soon after, Bruno’s interest in jazz caused a split between himself and Walker and his interest in folk music. By July 1968, Circus Maximus had broken up and Walker was appearing at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, sharing a bill with Joni Mitchell. The members of the band were Walker (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bruno (lead guitar, organ, piano, vocals), Davud Schestrom (drums), Gary White (bass), and Peter Troutner (vocals, tambourine, guitar).

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 album Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus

  • Lost Sea Shanty
  • People’s Games
  • Short-Haired Fathers
  • Time Waits
  • Travelin’ Around
  • Wind
  • You Know I’ve Got The Rest Of My Life To Go

From the 1968 album Neverland Revisited
Circus Maximus - Neverland Revisited

  • Parallel
  • Trying To Live Right