Clefs Of Lavender Hill

Clefs Of Lavender HillFrom: Miami, FL USA

The Clefs Of Lavender Hill were a folk rock band out Miami, Florida. They formed in 1966 around the nucleus of brother and sister Travis and Conventry Fairchild, the chosen stage names of Joseph and Loraine Ximenes. The siblings added Fred and Bill Moss of the group The Twilights who had released one single, “She’s There,” in 1965. The Clefs Of Lavender Hill released the single “First Tell Me Why” in 1966 on Thames Records. The B-side is the pop-psych number “Stop! Get A Ticket,” which is highly reminiscent of The Beatles. “Stop! Get A Ticket” became a hit on Miami radio stations, and eventually Date Records picked it up for national distribution. The recored reached #80 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their follow-up single was “One More Time,” which peaked at #114. When their third and fourth singles failed to chart, plans to record a full-length album were shelved, and Date dropped the band. The Clefs Of Lavender Hill disbanded in 1968.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1966 single Date 2-1510

  • Stop! – Get A Ticket
  • First Tell Me Why

From the 1966 single Date 2-1530
One More Time

  • One More Time
  • So I’ll Try

From the 1967 single Date 2-1567

  • Oh, Say My Love