BandFrom: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Copperpenny was formed in 1965 by Kenny Hollis and Rich Wamil, and were originally known as the Penny Farthings. The band released the single “Nice Girl” in 1968 on Columbia records. The single was moderately successful, and soon after it’s release, Copperpenny switched to RCA. It was with RCA that the band released the minor hit “Stop (Wait A Minute)” in 1969.

It wasn’t until Copperpenny moved to Sweet Plum Records, a division of London Records, that they would find their first major success. “You’re Still The One” became the band’s first mainstream hit, followed by 1973’s “Sitting On A Poor Man’s Throne”. The later was recorded in Dearborn Michigan, with Richard Becker. Copperpenny continued to record and tour, opening for the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Guess Who, and Uriah Heep.

In 1975, Copperpenny signed with Capital Records, making several appearances on television shows such as “Keith Hampshire’s Music Machine.” The band even had their own variety show for a brief period of time, launching the career of then unknown magician Doug Henning. Copperpenny continued to have successful singles with “Disco Queen,” Good Time Sally,” and “Suspicious Love.” The final record the band would release, Fuse, was played on their Canadian tour, where they opened for Swedish band Blue Swede.

Different Lineups:


  • Rich Wamil (vocals, keyboards)
  • Kenny Hollis (vocals)
  • Vern McDonald (guitar)
  • Paul Reibling (bass)
  • Bert Hamer (drums)


  • Rich Wamil (vocals, keyboards)
  • Kenny Hollis (vocals)
  • Bill Mononen (guitars)
  • Bill Dalrymple (bass) [played most/all the bass on Sitting On A Poor Man’s Throne album]
  • Blake Barrett (drums, percussion)


  • Rich Wamil (vocals, keyboards)
  • Kenny Hollis (vocals)
  • Bill Mononen (guitar)
  • Ron Hiller (bass)
  • Blake Barrett (drums, percussion)


  • Rich Wamil (vocals, keyboards)
  • Brian Russell (guitar)
  • Al Mix (guitar)
  • Eric Robertson (keyboards)
  • Paul Zaza (bass)
  • Barry Keane (drums)

1975 Touring Band

  • Rich Wamil (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
  • Mark Stephen-Gendel (guitar)
  • Bill Mair (bass, vocals)
  • Jim Minas (drums, vocals)

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1970 album Copperpenny

  • I’ve Been Hurt Before/Richie’s Party
  • Stop (Wait A Minute)
  • Stop The World