Cruise Lane

From: Auckland, New Zealand

Cruise Lane were a rather obscure band out of New Zealand. The band was put together by Gerry Biggs (bass) in 1971. Biggs had previously played in Roger Skinner’s Motivation. Other members included Alan Hunter (guitar, vocals), Paul Lee (keyboards, saxophone), Tui (guitar), and Claude Radics (drums). Tui was soon replaced by Tony Pilcher and Biggs by Peter Kershaw. Not long after, Kaye Wolfgramm was brought in as lead vocalist. Cruise Lane were the first band in Auckland to catch onto the Southern Rock style, and gigged regularly at the Embers Night Club.

The line-up of Cruise Lane changed several times over the course of the band’s short existence. Not known for their recordings, Cruise Lane did release a couple of singles. However, the band was known most for their live spots around Auckland, where they received quite a large following. In 1972, Cruise Lane released their debut single, “Death Is In The Air” / “Ego,” under the moniker Kaye Wolfgramm & Cruise Lane. In 1973, the band released two more singles under the name Cruise Lane.

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From the 1972 single “Death Is In The Air”
Cruise Lane

  • Ego