Crystal Chandelier

From: North Providence, RI, USA

Although initially rumoured to have been a Texas-based band, Crystal Chandelier actually hailed from Rhode Island. Originally known as Those Unknown, the band consisted of Arnie Micarelli (vocals, lead guitar), Frank Giammarco (rhythm guitar), Kenny Beck (bass), and Anthony Jackvony (drums). Jackvony was soon replaced by  Vin Vento (drums).

The band’s first single was released on the United Artists label in 1968. The A-side is the incredible ‘The Setting Of Despair’ b/w ‘It’s Only You.’ Their second single was released on Buddah’s affiliate Cobblestone label and contains the lovely ‘Your Land Of Love’ b/w the fuzztastic ‘Suicidal Flowers.’ The band’s name was misspelled “Chandlier” on this single with the song lengths written in Roman numerals. ‘Your Land Of Love’ was chosen as the A-side, but it was ‘Suicidal Flowers’ that most radio stations played, helping propel the record into the Top 10 in the Ohio area.

Arnie Micarelli said the following about the band back in 2011:

The band was trying to do an album on Revelations but no one knew what it all meant. We actually had meetings with church priests and ministers but no one could help us. We did not want to be wrong in translating the rich symbolism in the Book of Revelation. It was so amazing that none of these so called priests could explain the last book of the Bible.

Since no one could explain the verses I figured that I should pray for an answer and I did get on the floor. Two days later and older grandma aged woman found me on the street outside the studio in Providence and she tried to explain things to me but I did not understand and she could not speak good English so she invited me to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She said that they could explain Revelation.

So off I went in my long hair and musical attitude. To my amazement they did explain the book to us and they were the only ones that could and had a reasonable common sense scriptural explanation.

There were three of us associated with the band that started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses and all three of us started attending meetings.

After this I left the band and recorded more blues for an album with different musicians. However these songs and the album were never recorded professionally or released.

Artist info: Rip It Up R.I. Blog

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single United Artists SUA 50284

  • The Setting Of Despair
  • It’s Only You

From the 1969 single Cobblestone CB 730

  • Suicidal Flowers
  • Your Land Of Love
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