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Cake, TheFrom: New York, NY, USA

The Cake were an all-girls group from the late 1960s, appearing at the tail end of the girl group era. The trio bridged the gap between the girl groups and psychedelia with their soulful harmonies and the embracing of adventurous aspects of pop music. Formed in 1966, the Cake were Eleanor Barooshian, Jeanette Jacobs, and Barbara Morillo. Jacobs and Morillo were already performing as an a cappella duo, and met Barooshian when both were scheduled at The Scene, the legendary rock club in Greenwich Village.

Charlie Greene and Brian Stone heard the Cake perform and brought them to L.A. Here, the girls signed with Decca Records, where they would release their self-titled debut album in 1967. The album contained several songs that re-created the sound Phil Spector created with his famous “Wall of Sound.” The album also contained some great R&B songs, along with some string-driven material. The Cake contributed in writing the songs on the album, pitching in four tracks. This something very uncommon in the girl group era, making the Cake rather unique.

Touring in support of the album, the Cake landed a performance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. They released their follow-up album in 1968 with A Slice Of The Cake. The second album was musically a more focused group of songs. The album featured folk-rock and psychedelic pop songs, and the trio wrote seven of the albums ten songs. Despite the fact that the Cake’s albums have become somewhat of a collectors item, they were unsuccessful upon their release, and the band split up in 1968.

Barooshian changed her name to Chelsea Lee, and continued to work with Jacobs. The two would contribute backing vocals on the Jimi Hendrix Experience album Electric Ladyland, and toured and recorded with Ginger Baker’s Air Force and Dr. John. Lee also recorded an album with Tetsu Yamauchi who had previously been with Free and the Faces. Morillo would continue to perform with variety acts, including the Act, Nightflyte, and Bambu. Jacobs sadly passed away in 1980 at age 30.

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The Cake – 1967
Cake, The (Album)

  • Baby That’s Me
  • Rainbow Wood