The Californians

From: Wolverhampton, England

The Californians released a handful of quality singles in the late sixties. The first of these quality singles was their version of American songwriter Warren Zevon’s “Follow Me.” The Californians followed this with a version of Spanky and Our Gang’s “Sunday Will Never Be The Same.” The Californians released their most psychedelic single later in their career. “The Cooks Of Cake & Kindness” is some beautiful psych pop, while “Golden Apples” has a Middle-Eastern influence to it.

Artist information sources include: The Tapestry of Delights by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 single “Little Ship With A Red Sail”
Golden Apples

  • Golden Apples

From the 1967 single “Follow Me”
Follow Me

  • Follow Me

From the 1967 single “Sunday Will Never Be The Same”
Sunday Will Never Be The Same

  • Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

From the 1968 single The Cooks Of Cake & Kindness
Cooks of Cake & Kindness, The

  • The Cooks Of Cake & Kindness