The Canoise

CanoiseFrom: St. Cloud, MIN, USA

Formed in the fall of 1965, Canoise (pronounced Canoy) consisted of four freshman at St. Cloud College. The original line-up consisted of Bob Coates (guitar, vocals), Pat Curto (drums, vocals), Neil Dunning (bass, vocals), and Doug Swanson (guitar, bass, vocals). All four had previously been part of other bands: Curto was in the Men From Uncle, Coates in the Nightmen, and Dunning and Swanson in the Trolls.

Canoise released their first single in 1966 on IGL, before expanding to a five-piece band, adding Grant Gullickson (vocals). It wasn’t long after that Dunning was drafted to the army and Larry Suess, from Mort Plank IV, was brought in. The addition of Suess forced Swanson to switch from twelve-string guitar to bass. Two more singles were released on IGL’s Sonic label. At this point, Canoise saw an immense amount of turnover among members, and by 1968, all of the band’s original members had left. Coates and Gullickson went on to join the band Zarathustra.

Four of the band’s original members would get back together in 1970, along with Gary Gilbertson (keyboards), to reform Canoise. The line-up only released one single, and were based in Hawaii for over two years before they returned to touring. This version of Canoise lasted until 1974. Curto went onto Tanglefoot and Maiden America, Dunning hooked up with Danny Stevens and F Troop, Suess went solo, while also getting his degree in psychology, Gullickson released two solo albums, Coates finished medical school, and Swanson moved to Connecticut. The band would reform again in 1981, where they toured around Minnesota, marking their 25th anniversary with a guest appearance by Swanson.

Coates has coordinated the release of three private CDs covering the entire history of Canoise. Now… And Then focuses on live recordings by the current line-up. Also featured is the band’s first 45, “Something I Could Do,” two unreleased tracks from 1967 and 1968, and “Look Inside” from their 1971 single. The True Story is the studio recordings of Canoise. Featured are the band’s four singles, two 1966 radio spots, nine unreleased tracks from ’66-’68, four songs from the current line-up, plus one song from 1977. Plugged In is all new recordings.

Artist Info: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1966 single IGL 45-120

  • Something I Could Do


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