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Carriage Company, TheFrom: Belgium

The Carriage Company are considered to be the first band from Belgium to be classified as “hard rock.” Original band members included Angelo Antioco (guitar), Francis Soens (drums), Jan D’Haese (bass, vocals), and Phil Greenslade (vocals, guitar). Their first single was “The Beast,” which is considered to be slightly primitive. The single sold relatively well, giving the band and their new “production company” Raza their first hit.

The Carriage Company remained on the scene during 1969, playing several successful shows including the Bilzen Rock & Jazz Festival, along with the Moody Blues and Rory Gallagher’s Taste. The band then released the follow-up single “Sunday Morning” / “Cause I Love You.” New drummer Francois Philips was present on this single.

For their third single, the Carriage Company released the song “Feel Right” which is a great experimental pop tune that features some good vocals and the effective use of echo. “Feel Right” / “In Your Room” was the only single the band released outside of Belgium, appearing in Italy and Germany, and it was “In Your Room” that appeared as the A-side in those countries. Greenslade was replaced by Leslie Kent. Kent actually wrote “In Your Room,”making an early impact within the group.

In 1971, the Carriage Company released another single, much to the disappointment of their fans. “Paint The City Red” / “Jubilee” featured next to no guitar on it, and is considered a rather weak release. The band were starting to turn mainstream in an attempt of getting their music heard by a wider audience. The Carriage Company made no impressions on the charts, but continued to impress, playing live at the Jemelle Festival in August of 1971, along with Genesis and Golden Earring.

Philips left the band, forming a new group that would be known as Crash. American drummer Jerry Jerome was then brought in as Philips’ replacement. Their fifth single, “So Nice,” reverted back to what the Carriage Company were known for. However, like the releases before it, this single failed to sell. None of the Carriage Company singles did as well as the first, and the band lost their contract with CBS. The band split in 1973.

D’Haese started working for EMI, producing the Blue Rock LP in 1975. Soens passed away in February of ’73 at the age of 23 after he got in an accident.

Artist information sources include: The Tapestry Of Delights by Vernon Joynson and the Belgian Metal History Website


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From the 1970 single “Feel Right”
Feel Right

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