The Cavemen

From: Buffalo, NY, USA

Not to be confused with The Cavemen out of New Jersey, this band recorded the excellent “All About Love” at Fine Recording Studios in 1966. The band was founded by Joey Calato and Jimmy Crouse. In 1969, Calato left the band to join the Armed Forces, and lost touch with the other members of the band. The primary band members were Joey Calato (drums), Jimmy Crouse (lead guitar), Ron Gorski (rhythm guitar), Harry ‘Skip’ Maciejewski (bass), Al Cretacci (vocals), and Sammy Sparazza (keyboards). Gorski passed away in 1969 when he was in a car crash.

Originally known as The El Dorados, two of the band’s members wanted to change the name to Alley-Oop & The Cavemen after the song “Alley-Oop” by The Hollywood Argyles. The other members thought it was kind of a cool name and agreed to the switch. After a bit, they dropped the beginning and became known as The Cavemen. Early in their career, The Cavemen played many basements for birthday parties and jam sessions. Once they established some sort of a name for themselves, The Cavemen started playing frat and sorority parties on Angola Bay, at clubs like The Cave, The Inferno, The Club Commordore, The Pit, and The Dungeon.

In 1966, The Cavemen recorded the single “All About Love” which is a great garage rock track. The song has a great distorted guitar and an overall very gritty sound. The single was released on the Capital Star Artist label.

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From the 1966 single “All About Love”
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  • All About Love