The Chasers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom: Romford, Essex, England

The Chasers were a band who faced some really bad luck. The band was formed in 1960 at the Chase Cross School in Romford by Len Tuckey (guitar), Jack Chambers (bass), and Lenny Butcher (drums). The Chasers played local youth clubs and a music festival, gaining enough of a reputation to land them fairly steady work.

In 1961, Chambers left and was replaced by Tony Wadlow. Wadlow also incorporated saxophone and flute into the sound of the Chasers. In 1963, the Chasers went from being a British beat-style band to more of an R&B band. At this time, they added singers to the lineup, including Roger Pincott and Bobby Rio. The Chasers started landing more and better gigs, including many on the same bill as the Downliners Sect. The Chasers watched as bands like the Downliners Sect got recorded, and it appeared as though they would never become more than a supporting act, despite their potential.

The band went on to play a series of extended gigs in Germany. This had been arranged by their friend Chris Andrews. Once the Chasers had got their act together, they finally landed a record deal with English Decca. Their debut single “Hey Little Girl” / “That’s What They Call Love,” did not chart. This was a surprise, as the single was featured on Juke Box Jury and Radio Caroline, the top pirate radio outlet in England. After the single failed, the Chasers switched to different labels, experimented with new sounds, and looked for commercial success. In 1966, they released “Inspiration” on the Parlophone label, and “The Ways Of A Man” on Phillips in 1967. The Chasers continued in their role as a support act, but never managed to develop a big enough following of their own. After “The Ways Of A Man” failed, the Chasers became a trio. Soon after, Tuckey left the band to join the Riot Squad, and the Chasers dissolved into history.

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From the 1966 single “Inspirations”

  • Inspiration