The Crome Syrcus

Crome SyrcusFrom: Seattle, WA, USA

The Crome Syrcus originally formed in Seattle, but moved to San Francisco soon after to start their career. Members of the band included Lee Graham (vocals, bass, flute), John Garborit (guitar), Dick Powell (harmonica, keyboards), Ted Shreffler (keyboards), and Rod Pilloud (drums). Jim Plano visited the band and played drums, and Richard Ward was their manager.

The band released the vast majority of their music in 1968, releasing most of their singles and their sole album, Love Cycle. The album was influenced by the early psychedelic pop/rock sound, while also including elements that show their artistic expression beyond the boundaries of a standard pop song. The Crome Syrcus loved confusing arrangements, classical references, orchestrations and pastoral flute sequences, and wild guitar solos. One of the songs on the album, “The Love Cycle,” lasts for over 17 minutes where the band experiments with a wide variety of sounds and styles. The Crome Syrcus disbanded in 1973, however, they had not released any records post-1969.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single “Lord In Black”
Crome Syrcus - Lord In Black

  • Lord In Black

From the 1968 album Love Cycle
The Crome Syrcus - Love Cycle

  • Take It Like A Man