Bonnie Dobson

Bonnie DobsonFrom: Toronto, ON, Canada

Bonnie Dobson is a Canadian folk artist most known for her 1960s compositions “I’m Your Woman” and “Morning Dew,” the latter of which is a beautiful piece about the threat of nuclear devastation. The song has been covered by several different big-name artists, with versions released by Tim Rose, The Grateful Dead, Lulu, The Jeff Beck Group, Episode Six, Clannad, Dave Edmunds, Nazareth, The Allman Brothers, and many others.

Although not very well known, Dobson recorded a few folk albums for Prestige in the first half of the 1960s, and moved into singer/songwriter pop-folk-rock albums for RCA in 1969 and 1970. However, she never came up with anything as memorable as “Morning Dew.”

“Morning Dew” was the first song Dobson ever wrote. The first person to cover it was Fred Neil, who released it on Elektra as part of a duo with Vince Martin. Neil changed some of the lyrics of the song in his rendition. There has been some confusion regarding the songwriting credits, not only because Neil changed some lyrics, but also because Tim Rose appears as a co-writer in some credits. In an interview with Randy Jackson in 1993, Dobson said, “If anyone is going to be credited as co-writer or co-lyricist it should have been Fred Neil because all Tim Rose did was take Freddie Neil’s changes.” Regardless, the song is a beautiful piece of music, that is a must listen for all folk-revival fans.

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From the 1969 album Bonnie Dobson
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