Daddy Lindberg (The Fingers)

Fingers in 1967The Fingers’ fourth single (released in 1967), was a Geoff Stephens’ song called “Shirl.” We had used up our allotted recording time at Abbey Road for the year so Peter Eden (our producer) booked us in as Daddy Lindberg and The Fingers recorded Shirl featuring a Salvation Army bass drum which looked great on stage but which sounded awful on the record. We also used a Mellotron that we found in the Abbey Road studio. The Mellotron was the keyboard instrument that played tapes of ‘real’ instruments such as violins Our pianist/organist became a string section for that record as well as playing piano. We finished the session with about twenty minutes to spare but had no B-side. Rather than waste the time we wrote and recorded a stomping piece of nonsense called “Wade In The Shade.” Thirty-six years later this recording was featured on two separate Psychedelic compilations called “We Can Fly Volume 3” (Past and Present Records) and Papermen Fly in the Sky (Paper Records.) This is what the sleeve note writers thought of our efforts:
“We Can Fly Volume 3” “A great stomper which is starting to be recognised for the gem it is. I’ve heard that Daddy Lindberg was a Dutch solo artist, but I’m not certain. This was produced by top psych producer Peter Eden.”

“Papermen Fly in the Sky” “Been on the DJ decks for a few years this one, but it’s time to nail the beast onto 33 rpm. A smashing Peter Eden produced ditty that dips into Lysergic soup like a loaf of bread.”

Forty-six years later Wade in the Shade has been released on The Fingers new CD – “Wade in the Shade”. This brand new version was recorded at a one-off reunion gig in September 2012. Get the CD from

~ John Bobin

The line up in 1967 (and at the 2012 reunion gig) was:

Rick Mills – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Ukele
Mo Witham – Lead Guitar/BVs (Mo sang Lead Vocals on Standing at the crossroads again on the new CD.)
Bob Clouter – Drums
Dave Grout – Rhythm Guitar/BVs
Alan Beecham – Keyboards
John Bobin – Bass Guitar

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

  • Wade In The Shade