David - Canada

The classic six-man-and-a-woman Canadian band that released the great Psychedelic Pop Lp “David” on the South Canada label in 1969. Featuring the dreamy and spacey females vocals of Deborah Kelly, their music speaks of the ideals of the youth of the time and features some fine electric fuzz guitar, great orchestration, and backed by outstanding keyboards. ~ Prairie Prince Minsky

The sole album from David is one of those wonderful, flawed surprises from the era, an overreaching blend of orchestral, soft pop with light psychedelic and soul touches that doesn’t quite come together, but is full of exquisite music nonetheless. The intraband songwriting, the majority of it by Ted Grimes, is a mixed lot of varying caliber, but the finest songs — and those make up at least half the album — are truly stellar. The two Francis Webster contributions are highlights. “Never Been in Love” is a moody, psych-tinged folk-rock beauty, gorgeously produced and featuring stunning, ethereal harmonies that descend into quasi-medieval gothic chants and are goose pimple-inducing when they mix with the track’s prominent trumpet. His “Cup of Tea” is a romantic, country-picked tin pan alley tune that sounds not unlike Paul McCartney’s most sentimental, show tuney acoustic efforts, and the sensational “Descension” is a trippy slice of psychedelically inclined pop that brings to mind both the Vejtables and Left Banke, and pre-dates the sound of Chicago by more than a year. Other rock combos like Blood, Sweat & Tears and Love were experimenting with horns at around the same time, and even beforehand, but brass actually comprised an essential part of David’s repertoire, somewhat novel for 1968. It is an unjustly forgotten bridge between the harmony-based pop of that decade and the gritty city soul to come. ~ Stanton Swihart, Rovi

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

    From 1969 album David (Sound Canada Records – SC 7705)

  • Cup Of Tea
  • Descension
  • Flight Of The Egyptian Army
  • House Of The Rising Sun
  • Never Been In Love
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