Dead On Arrival

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.07.48 PMFrom: Ashdown, Arkansas, USA

This seriously obscure band out of Arkansas released a lone single in the mid/late 1960s, “Run, Hide, Get Away” / “Mr. Crying.” Both songs were written by Mike Hubrel and published by Oleta Publishing. This single has become quite a find for garage enthusiasts.

Dead On Arrival’s story begins in San Francisco, where a pre-teen Mike Hubrel soaked up the city’s burgeoning music culture. Hubrel frequented the store in the Haight-Ashbury district, and formed his own band, The Daytonas. They won a battle of the bands contest and won the chance to perform at the Cow Palace, an indoor arena on the Daly City border. Hubrel felt like he was fast becoming a part of the music scene he had come to adore. However, in an effort to ‘save’ his son from the emergent drug culture, Hubrel’s father made the decision to move the family back to Ashdown, Arkansas in 1968. Hubrel was 13 years old. Hubrel experienced a little bit of culture shock, but was still determined to pursue music. He formed a band called Dead On Arrival with Frankie Ritter, Roger Snead, and Steve Adams.

Originally from Alabama, Steve “Wild Man” Adams was also new to Ashdown. Adams dropped out of high school at 16 and joined the Merchant Marines during Vietnam. After his service, Adams moved in with his grandparents in Ashdown to finish school. The oldest member of the band at 19, Adams was still a junior in high school. He played bass for Dead On Arrival.

The band’s drummer was Roger Snead, who was also Hubrel’s neighbour. Ritter, a senior at Ashdown High, joined on guitar. Hubrel introduced the rest of the band to the sounds of the West Coast, as they hadn’t really filtered through to the small town just yet. The band worked on some Hubrel originals as well as a set of rock and soul covers. The long-hair look that was so popular elsewhere was forbidden by the school principle, so the band had to dress the part instead.

Dead On Arrival experienced a few personnel changes over their brief career before breaking up in the summer of 1970. Hubrel continued to play with other local musicians until he graduated in 1973. He eventually returned to San Francisco, where he played on an album by the band Augustwolf.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1970 single EMC 104
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  • Run, Hide, Get Away