DeliveryFrom: London, England

Delivery were a band out of London, however, they were closely connected with the Canterbury progressive/psychedelic family tree. All the band’s members, with the exception of Carol Grimes (vocals), went onto play with various Canterbury groups upon the demise of Delivery. The band was formed as an R&B band by boyhood friends Phil Miller (guitar) and Pip Pyle (drums) during the English blues boom in the late 1960s. Until Grimes joined, the band usually back American blues artists with a fluctuating lineup.

Delivery soon landed a record contract, and things seemed to be going well for the band. Unfortunately, their label rushed the band through the recording sessions, and then delayed the release of the album for months. Upon the release of 1971’s Fool’s Meeting, the record company attempted to promote Grimes as a solo act, attempting to create an English Janis Joplin. The label also started such rumours as Grimes making a habit of eating gravel.

Although the album received solid reviews, Delivery soon fell apart due to poor record sales and lack of financial support. Grimes went solo, while Pyle joined Gong, Miller founded Matching Mole with Robert Wyatt, Stephen Miller (piano) joined Caravan, Roy Babbington (bass) joined the Soft Machine, and Lol Coxhill (saxophone) played with Kevin Ayers. In 1972, there was an attempt to reform Delivery, but not all the members were interested. The reformed Delivery, which included the Miller brothers and Pyle, took on the name Hatfield And The North.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1971 album Fool’s Meeting
Fool's Meeting

  • Home Made Ruin
  • We Were Satisfied