From: Netherlands

The brothers Rudy and Tonny de Queljoe moved from Ambon to the Netherlands in 1951. They played in several bands like Johnny and the Blue Jeans, The Sharks, Dragonfly. In the latter band the brothers played together and the singer was Johhny Caljouw. Due to animosity the three started a new formation: The Beat Five. The name however was soon changed to Group ’69 Sect. Other members of this band were Huib Power (drums) and Carlos van den Berg (guitar). When Hans Verhagen became their manager, they changed their name to Dragonfly.


The music they played was inspired by The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Moby Grape. They release two singles in 1968: “Celestial dreams / Desert of Almond” (Philips JF333927) and “Celestial empire / Prince of Amboyna” (Philips JF334536). They toured in the Netherlands, but also in England in clubs like The Speakeasy and Middle Earth. The band finally ended after they broke up with their manager, who as a reaction cancelled all their remaining gigs. leaving them out of work. Caljouw joined Machine, de Queljoe brohters would play in several bands like Brainbox. In 1977 John and Rudi tried to revive the band, but this attempt failed. After that Rudi played in Vitesse and Masada. Tony passed away several years ago.


John Caljouw: Vocals
Huib Power: Drums
Rudy de Queljoe: Guitar
Tony de Queljoe: Bass guitar

Track 1 and 2 produced by Hans Verhagen, track 3 and 4 produced by John Schuursma.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

    • From 1968 EP 4 Celestial Songs



  • Celestial Dreams
  • Celestial Empire
  • Desert Of Almond
  • Prince Of Amboyna