The Del-Vetts

The Del-VettsFrom: Chicago, IL, USA

The Del-Vetts were an American garage rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Forming in 1963, they released five singles and obtained regional success in the Midwest.

The original lineup of the band was Jim Lauer (lead vocals, lead guitar), Bob Good (bass), Lester Goldboss (rhythm guitar) and Paul Wade (drums). They started out performing cover versions of Chuck Berry songs and surf rock standards. The band teamed up with Bill Traut in 1965 to record a rendition of The Righteous Brothers’ hit, “Little Latin Lupe Lu,” on the small Seeburg Records label. Within a year, a solidified lineup emerged, including Lauer, Good, who switched to rhythm guitar, Jack Burchall (bass) and Roger Deatherage (drums).

Even though their debut single wasn’t a commercial success, Traut still believed the band could reach a breakthrough. He signed The Del-Vetts to a contract with Dunwich Records, and recorded their most commercially successful song, “Last Time Around,” an original song composed by colleague Dennis Delquivist in early 1966. The fuzz-toned guitar and raw vocal make this a garage rock staple. “Last Time Around” would become the most-requested track on Chicago radio stations. The band’s success was short lived, however, as their follow-up effort, “I Call My Baby STP,” failed to garner the same attention and success as “Last Time Around.”

In 1967, The Del-Vetts changed their name to The Pride And Joy and released the regional hit “Girl” on Acta Records. Their last single was “We Got A Long Way To Go,” written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Well. When this release failed to chart, Burchall left the group, and The Pride And Joy broke up in 1968.

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From the 1966 single Dunwich 45-125
Last Time Around

  • Last Time Around