The Dickens

the-dickensFrom: Pensacola, FLA, USA

The Dickens formed between late 1962 and early 1963 in Pensacola, Florida. Friends Ron Bowman and Louie Boyleston swapped their baseball gloves for acoustic guitars and started playing folk music. This changed when they heard the Beatles. The duo switched to electric guitars and began playing Beatles, Stones and Hollies records trying to learn the chords and lyrics. At this time, they added Jimmy Smith on bass and Skip Higgens on drums.

At first, the Dickens played “run of the mill” soul music that all the other local bands were playing. However, the band was very interested in the British Invasion, especially the vocal stylings. The Dickens won a couple of Battle of the Bands contests, and began popular in their area. Shortly after, they discovered multi-instrumentalist Rick Pierce. Once Pierce joined the band, the Dickens really took off locally.

The Dickens’ first manager was local disc jockey Daddy Rabbit Ray. The band’s debut single was “I’ve Got Something On My Mind” / “I Haven’t Got The Nerve,” both Left Bank songs. They sold 90 copies in Albany, NY. They also recorded the first of Rick’s original songs “No One Seems to Know,” but the song was never released. Six months after the release of their debut single, the Dickens released “One Of A Kind Woman” / “Inside-Outside.” The A-side is a wonderful piece of pop-psych.

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From the 1966 single Format Records Inc. F45-5006

  • One Of A Kind Woman