The Doomsday Machine

From: Kingsville, ON, Canada

The Doomsday Machine recorded a couple of singles for the Dot label in 1969. This five-piece band from Kingsville, Ontario, consisted of Jerry Alice (guitar), Robert Alice (vocals), Wally Glass (keyboards), Bob Matlack (bass) and Art Quick (drums). Bob Nixon, a member of another Kingsville Band, The Dorians, wrote three of the band’s four songs. Nixon on The Doomsday Machine: “Gunther Funkenhauser was the one who initially asked me to write some tunes for a band called the Living Ends, whom he was managing for his popular dances at the Kingsville Pavillion called Surfside. When we started recording, they became the Doomsday Machine. That was back in ’67.”

The band had the good fortune of having access to the talented Detroit hit-making machine across the river, recording a Ralph Terrana and Al Sherman’s fabled Tera Shirma Studios. “Funkenhauser also paid for the initial productions at Tera Shirma,” Nixon recalls. “The session men on those early tunes were Bob Babbit from Motown and the drummer from Rare Earth and the strings and horns were players in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. And, as well, the background singers Telma and Joyce, who went on to become Dawn of Tony Orlando and Dawn, graced a few of the tunes.”

“Ain’t Nobody Else” was the A-side of The Doomsday Machine’s debut single. The song features glistening harmonies and searing guitars. The record is a very early co-production of the Motor City duo of Denis Coffey and Mike Theodore. The single was also one of the very first productions for Clarence Avant and his newly created Avant Garde Music Publishing.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1969 single Dot 45-17194

  • Ain’t Nobody Else