East Of Eden

east-of-edenFrom: Bristol, England

East Of Eden was a British progressive rock band out of Bristol, England. They had a Top 10 hit in the UK with the 1971 single “Jig-A-Jig.” Although considered by many to be a symphonic progressive band, others consider their style to be mostly jazz oriented. Combining flute, violins and tape loops to folk, gypsy, and psychedelic music, East Of Eden’s style has always been considered experimental.

Their professional career began in 1967 as Pictures of Dorian Gray. Members included Dave Arbus (violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet), Ron Caines (alto saxophone), Geoff Nicholson (guitar, vocals), Mike Price (bass), and Stuart Rossister (drums). Price left in the spring of 1968 and was replaced by Terry Brace. Al Read (vocals) was added around the same time. Brace quit the band in September 1968 and was replaces by Steve York. Rossister also left and was replaced by Dave Dufort.

The band moved to London in late 1968 and signed with Deram Records. Bryan Appleyard replaced Dufort in February 1969. He was then replaces in June by Geoff Britton. York also left in June and was replaced by Andy Sneddon.

Changing their name to East Of Eden, the band released their debut album, Mercator Projected, in 1969. They followed up with 1970’s Snafu and the European only compilation Jig-A-Jig in 1971. Snafu reached the Top 30 in Britain of the UK Albums Chart, whilst the single “Ramadhan” reached #2 in France.

Caines and Nicholson both left the band in the early part of 1970. East Of Eden broke up in 1978 after various membership changes. The band’s three core members (Arbus, Caines and Nicholson) reunited in 1996 and released the album Kalipse the next year. Much like their early work, the album was only a cult hit.

Arbus was a guest musician on the Who’s track “Baba O’Riley”, playing the violin solo. Arbus was a friend of Who drummer Keith Moon. He was later a member of the band Fiddler’s Dram.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single Atlantic 584198

  • Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
  • King Of Siam

From the 1969 album Mercator Projected

  • In The Stable Of The Sphinx
  • Northern Hemisphere