East Side Kids

From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

The East Side Kids started out in September 1965 under the moniker the Sound Of The Seventh Son. Their debut single, “I Told A Lie,” is a strong garage rock song, written by James Greenspoone (aka Jimmy Greenspoon) and Ed Fontaine. The B-side featured the Byrds-like “I’ll Be On My Way.” Original band members included Joe Madrid (vocals), David Doud (guitar), Michael Doud (bass), Jimmy Greenspoon (piano) and Danny Belsky (drums).

The band received press in 1965 when they went to court to get their contract with Tower Records and SOS Productions approved. Judge A.A. Scott exclaimed “They look like freaks!… I don’t know whether they are girls or boys… God help them if they get to some real men.” The band were all between the ages of 18 and 21. The Sound Of The Seventh Son became the East Side Kids in December 1965.

East Side Kids released the single “Take A Look In The Mirror”/”Close Your Mind” on Orange Empire Records. The songs were written by Bernie Schwartz and M. Cavett, but “Take A Look In The Mirror” was published by World Showplace Music, Inc., BMI while the flip by Egap BMI.

Jimmy Greenspoon appears to have left the band at some point in 1967. In June, he released a single under the moniker Boystown with Michael Lloyd who had just left the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. He moved to Denver around this time for close to a year, before returning and forming Three Dog Night.

East Side Kids released another single in October 1967, this time on Valhalla Records. The A-side is Greenspoon’s “Listen To The Wise Man” with Doud and Madrid’s “Little Bird” on the flip side. Both sides feature strings and pop production by Larry Tamblyn of the Standells.

Belsky left the band in 1967 and was replaced by David Potter. By January 1968 the East Side Kids consisted of Joe Madrid (lead vocals), David Doud (guitar), Mike Doud (bass) and David Porter (drums). This group recorded the 1968 album The Tiger And The Lamb on UNI. Buzz Clifford and Dan Moore, both formerly of Hamilton Streetcar, produced the album. Clifford and Moore each contributed songs, along with John Fleck of the Standells and Wesley Watt of Euphoria. Potter and David Doud each contributed one original composition.

Around October 1968, a single by a band under the name of Gladstone is released on Kirk Records. Under the artist name is “Tracks by EAST SIDE KIDS” and Potter is one of the producers. It is unknown if Gladstone was a particular person or only an alias for the East Side Kids.

Artist Info: Garage Hangover

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 single OE-500

  • Take A Look In The Mirror