Elli MeyerFrom: Calcutta, India

Elli only ever released one single, “Never Mind” / “I’ll Be Looking Out For You,” which sold poorly due to the fact that “Penny Lane” / “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles was released the same day. However, Elli continued to record demos throughout the rest of the 1960s. His vocal stylings and gentle arrangements sat somewhere between the Beatles and the Zombies. Elli’s recordings have gained quite a bit of admiration since Dig the Fuzz records released a mini-album that consisted of the single and acetate recordings in 1999.

Born Elli Meyer in India in 1946, Elli moved to England during the ’60s to start work as a painter and decorator. In 1962, Elli was involving himself in the music scene that was rapidly developing, and began singing for a band called the Eagles, who wound up recording for Pye Records. He then formed the band the Nutrons, but left to join the Madhatters. The Madhatters (previously the Trendsetters) held a residency at the 007 Club and played with PJ Proby, the Honeycombs, and the Moody Blues, but split up in 1965 when their lead guitarist moved to Australia. Elli went to join the Infernos, but after only a year with the band, he fell seriously ill with diabetes, having to take leave. He met up with two friends, Mike Finesilver and Peter Kerr, who were involved in a charitable organization, the Entertainers. They wrote a few songs for Elli and brought in Vincent Crane (piano) and Drachen Theaker (drums) to play on a demo version of “Never Mind.” Music publisher Malcom Forrester heard the tapes and loved what Elli brought to the table. Forrester put Elli into the studio to record the single for release on EMI. Unfortunately the single bombed, but Elli continued to record demos until 1970.

Artist information sources include: an article by Jon “Mojo” Mills at Allmusic.com

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From the compilation Electric Sound Show: An Assortment of Antiquities For the Psychedelic Connoisseur
Electric Sound Show- An Assortment of Antiquities For the Psychedelic Connoisseur

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