Endle St. Cloud In The Rain

From: Houston, TX, USA

Endle St. Cloud is both a person and a band. The band was comprised of Endle St. Cloud (lead vocals, piano), Peter Black (guitar), David F. Potter (drums) and Andrew Melinger (bass). The band originally formed in 1968 under the name Endle St. Cloud In The Rain, who released the lone single “Tell Me One More Time (What’s Happening to Our World)”/”Queen For Beauty.” Neither of these songs appear on the group’s sole album, Thank You All Very Much, which was released later the same year.

In an attempt to come up with a charting follow-up Bubble Puppy’s surprise hit “Hot Smoke And Sassafras,” International Artists decided to pull two songs from Thank You All Very Much (“She Wears It Like A Badge”/”Laughter”), and release a single credited simply to Endle. By this time, Endle St. Cloud had split up; Endle St. Cloud and D.F. Potter left Texas for Los Angeles, where they connected with three local musicians and released a self-titled album as Potter St. Cloud on the Meiarts label in 1971.

Artist Info: Allmusic.com

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single International Artists IA-129

  • Tell Me One More Time (What’s Happening To Our World)