Esprit De Corps

From: England

Esprit De Corps is best remembered for including Mike Read, who’s musical prowess has been picked apart by popular culture and viewers of the show “Saturday Superstore” in the 1980s. The presenter and Radio One Breakfast Show host was very active in the entertainment industry, releasing a few singles under the name The Trainspotters, none of which garnered any interest from critics or the public.

At the time, it was hardly known that Read was a member in a band that went by the name Esprit De Corps. In 1972, the band released the single “If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)”/”Pictures On My Wall.” While the B-side is considered a write-off, “If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)” was added to the infamous “Rubble” series. The song is a psych ballad featuring some interesting phasing on the string section.

Other members of Esprit De Corps included Dave Mindel, David Ballantyne, Bill Pit and Alan Tomes. The band released one other single before going their separate ways. Esprit De Corps are one of a few privileged acts who appeared on “Top of the Pops” despite not having a hit single.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1972 single JAM 24

  • If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)