From: Huntington, WV, USA

Evol are a very obscure band that formed in 1968 at the Seabreeze Lounge in Huntington, West Virginia. Original members included Randall Hackney, Mike Blair, Roger Caines, and Roger Dillon. The band developed their sound over the next couple of years, becoming a unique sound in the Tri-State area. By 1970, the Seabreeze was too small to accommodate all the people who were coming, so owner “Papa Ross” Scarvelli moved his business a few blocks to a huge building. He called this new location the Club Romair. People followed, and the crowed grew, helping Evol reach larger audiences. They were the only band in the whole area that would play the “difficult stuff”: Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, etc., anything that required genuine talent to play.

At the start of Evol’s career, guitarist and song writer Jeff Hanichen sat in with the band regularly, to the point where he became recognized as the band’s unofficial fifth member. In late 1970, Evol signed a contract with a music company in Nashville, Tennessee, and Hanichen officially joined the band. The band now played original music at their shows, along with all the other stuff they already played.

The company that signed Evol was operated on a really thin budget provided by an engineer for Columbia Records. However, the engineer was able to secure studio time at Nugget Studios in Goodlestsvitie, and the album was recorded in ten days. The band then returned to Huntington to prepare for the road, but Hanichen was writing for two other bands, and had to stay behind for a while longer. When the band returned, Caines had left and was replaced by drummer Dave Tatum. This was the group of musicians that appeared on the cover of the album. Surprisingly, however, Hanichen was not in the picture. He left the band in 1971, and the remaining four members continued to play live until 1977.

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From the 1970 album Evol

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