The Edgar Broughton Band

Edgar Broughton Band, TheFrom: Warwick, England

The Edgar Broughton Band began as a blues band who played to a dedicated, yet limited following. The band featured Edgar Broughton (guitar, vocals), Steve Broughton (drums, vocals), and Arthur Grant (bass, guitar, vocals).

In 1968, the Edgar Broughton Band moved to Notting Hill Gate, London in search for a recording contract. Picked up by Blackhill Enterprises, the band landed a contract with EMI’s progressive rock label Harvers Records. The first single the band released, “Evil” / “Death Of An Electric Citizen,” was also the first single released by Harvest. The single was released in June of 1969.

The single was followed by the Edgar Broughton Band’s first album, Wasa Wasa. The album maintained a heavy blues influence driven by Edgar’s gritty vocals, similar to Captain Beefheart and Howlin’ Wolf. The band planned to capture the intensity of their live sound on record, organizing a performance at Abbey Road in December of 1969. Only one track was released until the material was rediscovered and remixed in 2004 as Keep Them Freaks A Rollin’: Live At Abbey Road 1969.

The band released their second album in 1970. Sing Brother Sing was accompanied by the single “Up Yours!” / “Officer Dan,” a polemic on the 1970 General Election. The song is the band declaring their intention of dropping out of the election. A string arrangement by David Bedford is also featured on this song.

By 1971, the Edgar Broughton Band felt that they were limited as a trio, and asked Victor Unitt of the Pretty Things to join the band. The band released what is often considered to be their best album in May of ’71. Edgar Broughton Band contained the classic “Evening Over Rooftops,” and the album was heavily blues-oriented, as well as showing some influences of country. After the success of Edgar Broughton Band, the group relocated to Devon, where they began recording their next album, Inside Out. After this, Unitt left the band.

In 1975, the Edgar Broughton Band signed with NEMS. Later that year, the band added John Thomas (guitar) for their sixth album, Bandages. Shortly after the album’s release, Thomas quit the group and was replace by Terry Cottam. In 1976, the Edgar Broughton Band broke up. This came after the recording of Live Hits Harder, an album that was not released until 1979.

The Broughton brothers would regroup in 1979 as the Broughtons, releasing two more albums. The band permanently split up in 2010, with Edgar deciding to continue as a solo musician.

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From the 1970 album Sing Brother Sing
Sing Brother Sing

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