The Executives

From: Sydney, Australia

Despite being considered on of the most sophisticated 60s pop bands from Australia, where they found commercial success, The Executives were never able to match their success in the US or UK. Throughout their career, they had several Australian Top 40 hits, and were also one of the first bands from Down Under to produce their own recordings.

The Executives were formed by husband and wife team Brian King (keyboards) and Carole King (vocals) in late 1966, who were heavily influenced by the Mamas & The Papas. Other original members included Dudley Hood (guitar), Dennis Allgood (bass, vocals), Rhys Clark (drums), Keith Leslie (saxophone, vocals), and Gary King (bass) (Brian’s brother). Their musical expertise and versatility was so broad that, between them, they could play a total of 31 instruments.

It didn’t take long for the band to be signed to the Festival label. The Executives released their debut 45 (“Wander Boy”/”You’re Bad”) at the beginning of 1967. By mid-67, Hood and Leslie left the band and were replaced by Brian Patterson (guitar) and Ray Burton (guitar, vocals). In the summer of 1967, they released two singles: “My Aim Is To Please” and a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “Sit Down I Think I Love You.” Both became Top 5 hits in Sydney.

1968 saw The Executives release three singles. The first was “It’s A Happening World”/”Moving In A Circle”, which was issued in March, In June, they issued “Windy Day” which was originally recorded by the Lewis And Clarke Expedition. The third was the pop-psych number “Summerhill Road”, released in December. The Executives also cut a commercial for Coca-Cola in 1968, which appeared on a promo EP that is now extremely rare and hard to find. A self-titled album was also issued that year. 1968 was the year the band made their first trek to the US and signed with the Budda label with high hopes of making it big in America. The deal fell flat and they soon returned to Australia.

In 1969 The Executives released another single and their second LP ‘On Bandstand’, which featured several covers from the hit musical ‘Hair’. They released a third album titled ‘…Now!’ later in the year on the lesser known Summit label. Around this time, around the emergence of progressive rock, the Executives were beginning to sound dated. Their poppy, straight forward sound wasn’t having the impact it had, so they packed up and headed for the US again, where they changed their name to the Inner Sense. They began playing a heavier brand of pop-rock, but still saw little success with this shift. Most of the band moved back to Australia where they broke up soon after. Burton remained in America and in the early 70s ended up co-writing the classic “I Am Woman” with Helen Reddy.

Artist Info: Technicolor Web of Sound and Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares from Far Away Lands Revisited by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 single Festival FK-1776

  • My Aim Is To Please You

From the 1968 Festival FK-2654

  • Summer Hill Road

From the 1970 single Festival FK-4036

  • You’re Gonna Love Me

From the 1969 album …Now!

  • Moving In A Circle