Fat Mattress

Fat MattressFrom: London, England

Fat Mattress are primarily known as the just-post-Jimi Hendrix Experience band of Noel Redding, putting out a couple of albums in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Jimi Hendrix connection was probably responsible for gaining Fat Mattress much of whatever attention they managed to attract. It might have been a double-edged sword, however, as Fat Mattress’ music wasn’t at all similar to what Redding had played with Hendrix, being in far lighter folk-rock, psychedelic, and early prog rock styles, and integrating plenty of vocal harmonies. Too, Redding wasn’t a dominant figure in the band, though he was an important one; Fat Mattress was a true group effort, with fellow members Neil Landon and Jim Leverton writing about as much of their material as Redding did.Fat Mattress formed in late 1968 shortly before Redding’s ultimate departure from Hendrix’s band. Redding had been frustrated to an extent in the Experience, playing bass although he had more experience as a guitarist, and barely being allowed to write anything on their records. Fat Mattress would open up more opportunities for him to both play guitar (and sing), and to record more original material. The rest of the band were, like Redding, from Folkestone in England. Singer Landon had done a stint in the Ivy League, and multi-instrumentalist Leverton had been in the backing band of Engelbert Humperdinck, where he met Fat Mattress’ drummer, Eric Dillon.  ~ lastfm.com

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1969 album Fat Mattress
Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress

  • At The Ball
  • Bright New Day
  • How Can I Live
  • I Don’t Mind
  • Little Girl In White
  • Mr. Moonshine
  • She Came In The Morning

From the 1970 album Fat Mattress II

  • Anyway You Want
  • Childhood Dream
  • Long Red  (only on 1192 and 2007 re-releases)
  • People
  • Roamin’
  • She
  • The Storm

From the 2000 album The Black Sheep Of The Family: The Anthology
Fat Mattress - The Black Sheep of the Family- The Anthology

  • Iridescent Butterfly
  • Naturally