Felius Andromeda

From: Britain

Information on Felius Andromeda is rather limited. The band only ever recorded one single, 1967’s “Meditations” / “Cheadle Health Delusions”, on the Decca label. “Meditations is considered to be one of the best British psychedelic obscurities, sounding a lot like early Procol Harum with it’s use of organ. The song had a gothic church atmosphere with its Gregorian backing vocals and philosophic lead. “Cheadle Health Delusions” wasn’t quite as distinguished, but is still considered a respectable piece of psych pop. Although the band only ever recorded one single, band member Denis Couldry released subsequent solo singles on Decca.

Artist info: Allmusic.com

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 single from the 1967 single Decca F12694

  • Cheadle Heath Delusions
  • Meditations