Free - BandFrom: London, England

Free were integral in helping lay the foundations for the rise of hard rock. They wrote raw, stripped down blues rock, forming a brand of proto-metal that became popular with band like Foreigner, Foghat and Bad Company. Free began in 1968 when Paul Kossoff (guitar), at this time a member of Black Cat Bones, saw Paul Rodgers (vocals) perform with his band, Brown Sugar. The two decided to form a band together and recruited Simon Kirke (drums) and sixteen year old Andy Fraser (bass). Alexis Korner helped the band get started, and suggested the name Free.

The band signed to Island soon after their formation, and released the bluesy album Tons of Sobs in 1968. The album featured some good material, but their follow-up release expanded their sound to another level. Both albums did not sell too well, however, and barely charted. In 1970, Free released what is now their most famous album, Fire And Water. The album features the band’s biggest hit in “All Right Now,” along with other greats such as the title track, “Oh I Wept”, and “Heavy Load.” “All Right Now” became a Top Five hit, and showed promise for Free’s future. Later in 1970, Free headlined the Isle of Wight, and seemed to be headed towards major success. However, the follow-up album, Highway, did not do as well, and resulted in the band’s eventual break-up. During their 1971 tour, the group split as a result of conflicting egos.

The members of Free would go on to find careers in different bands over the years. The most notable was Paul Rodgers. Rodgers would reunite with Kirke and start Bad Company. He would eventually go on tour with Queen as the band’s frontman in the 21st Century.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 album Tons Of Sobs
Tons Of Sobs

  • I’m A Mover

From the 1969 album Free

  •  I’ll Be Creepin’
  • Songs Of Yesterday
  • Women

From the 1970 album Fire And Water
Fire And Water

  • Fire And Water
  • Heavy Load
  • Mr. Big
  • Oh I Wept

From the 1971 album Highway

  • Be My Friend
  • Love You So
  • My Brother Jake [Single Mix] (2002 Bonus Track)
  • Ride A Pony

From the 1973 album Heartbreaker

  • Come Together In The Morning

From Live Granada Studios, 1970

  • I’ll Be Creepin’ (Live Granada Studios 24/07/70)
  • Mr. Big (Live Granada Studios 24/07/70)
  • Ride A Pony (Live Granada Studios 24/07/70)
  • Songs Of Yesterday (Live Granada Studios 24/07/70)