Frijid Pink

Frijid PinkFrom: Brighton, MI, USA

Hailing from the Detroit area, Frijid Pink were a blues rock band active from 1967-1975. Initial band members included Tom Beudry (Kelly Green) (vocals), Gary Ray Thompson (guitar), Tom Harris (bass), and Richard Stevers (drums).

Frijid Pink was formed when the band The Detroit Vibrations, which included both Stevers and Harris, met Thompson and Beaudry. Not too long after their initial meeting, Thompson went to Clyde Stevers, manager of the Vibrations’ and Richard’s father, and told him how he felt he was a better musician than the band’s current guitarist. Thompson then became the guitarist of the band. After two years of touring, Frijid Pink signed a contract with Parrot Records. In 1969, they released three singles. The first two, “Tell Me Why” and “Drivin’ Blues”, both received little attention. Their third single was the song that Frijid Pink would become best known for, the hard rocking cover of “House of the Rising Sun”. This single would reach the Top Ten on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1970, selling over one million copies. In the U.K, the song peaked at #4 and got to #3 in Canada. Frijid Pink’s popularity grew substantially, especially in the Detroit area. The one and only Led Zeppelin even opened for them at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom. Often times, Frijid Pink would share billings with other local groups of the era such as MC5, The Stooges, and The Amboy Dukes.

A debut album would be released in 1970. The self-titled album was followed by Defrosted, also released in 1970. Singles such as “Sing A Song For Freedom” failed to do as well as “House of the Rising Sun”, and Beaudru and Thompson left the group. They were replaced with the late Jon Wearing (vocals) and the late Craig Webb (guitar), and added Larry Zelanka (keyboards). This incarnation of Frijid Pink release the 1972 album Earth Omen. The lineup would change again before the band recorded their 1975 album All Pink Inside. This time Jo Baker (vocals) and Larry Popolizo (bass) were a part of Frijid Pink. ~ Wikepedia

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From the 1970 album Frijid Pink
Frijid Pink Album

  • House Of The Rising Sun