Froggie Beaver

Froggie BeaverFrom: Omaha, NE, USA

Froggie Beaver were an Omaha band that included John Troia (vocals), Ed Staszko (keyboards), Tom Jackson (drums), and John Fischer (guitar). They all met in high school, where they decided to form a band. Froggie Beaver was heavily influenced by the likes of the Moody Blues and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The band embraced the concept of using heavy keyboards to create a prog-rock sound, while also maintaining enough of a commercial edge.

Right from the beginning, Froggie Beaver wrote their own material. Staszko simultaneously played organ and key bass, much like Ray Manzarek of the Doors. By 1971, Froggie Beaver had more debts than they did profits, because their sound was not designed for Top 40 success, and as a result, the band never landed major gigs. In late ’71, they decided to become more commercial, as they were tired of being in debt. The band was almost instantly given the position as the house band at a club in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Soon after, the club owner had no choice but to move to a bigger building in order to accommodate the crowds that Froggie Beaver was attracting. Now that the band had developed some success, they began to incorporate some of their original material into their sets. The audience immediately fell in love with Froggie Beaver and the music they played.

Upon their developing success, all of the members of Froggie Beaver quit their respective universities and day jobs, moved into a house together, and attempted to become a professional band. After hiring a manager, the band began touring the Midwest. In early 1973, Jackson left the band and was replaced by Rick Brown. In July of that year, Froggie Beaver recorded their one and only album, From The Pond. The album features some great prog-psych, including the amazing “Visions Of My Life.” Froggie Beaver would disband in the autumn of 1974.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1973 album From The Pond
From The Pond

  • Visions Of My Life