Sonny Flaherty & The Mark V

Sonny Flaherty & The Mark V BandFrom: Dayton, OH, USA

Sonny Flaherty released a number of singles in the late sixties and early seventies on small local labels in the area of Dayton, Ohio. Flaherty released only one single with what was known as the Mark V, releasing the great “Hey Conductor” / “You Bring These Tears To Me” in 1967. Flaherty started out playing rockabilly and ended up a ballad singer. Flaherty’s backing groups included The Sonny Flaherty Application, the Young Americans, and the Grey Imprints. “Hey Conductor” was originally issued on a local label credited as being by the Grey Imprint, but when it was released nationally by Philips, the Mark V was credited. It is thought that the band changed its name. “Hey Conductor” showcases Flaherty’s vocal talents, as well as some great organ work.

Artist information sources include: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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From the 2000 compilation album Sonny Flaherty & The Mark V
Sonny Flaherty & The Mark V

  • Hey Conductor