The Fabulous Flippers

Fabulous Flippers, TheFrom: Lawrence, KA, USA

The Fabulous Flippers are said to be one of the most important bands to come from the Central United States. No other band from this area drew larger crowds, caused more excitement, or had more influence on aspiring musicians. The Flippers drew sell-out crowds from Texas to North Dakota and from Colorado to Illinois. The band famously advertised their shows on KOMA Radio from Oklahoma City, and teens drove hundreds of miles to what was known as a “Flipper Dance.”

In the early 1960’s, Terry & The Flippers were a very good rock band that were turned into a professional R&B show due to the work of John Brown of Mid-Entertainment. The band lured Danny Hein and singer Denny Loewen upon which Brown changed their name from the Flippers to the Fabulous Flippers. The Fabulous Flippers were now an 8-piece R&B band.

Only the best musicians were hired to compliment Terry Wierman’s original band. Hired members included Loewen (vocals), Dennes Frederick (bass), Gary Claxton (trumpet, saxophone), Jerry Tammen (drums), Roger Lewis (horns), and Doug Crotty (horns). Several other musicians would become a part of the Fabulous Flippers during the late 1960s.

The Fabulous Flippers recorded a number of records on Fona and Quill Records, however their national release, “The Harlem Shuffle,” was released on Cameo-Parkway Records. In 1970, the band recorded the excellent album Something Tangible on Veritas Records, which features excerpts from their “West Side Story Medley,” a fan favourite.

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