The Fantastic Zoo

From: Denver, CO, USA

This band evolved out of the Fogcutters which hailed from Denver, CO and included main members Don Cameron and Erik Karl. In 1966, the Fogcutters split up and Cameron and Karl relocated to L.A., signed a record deal with the local label Double Shot and changed their name to the Fantastic Zoo.

In the fall of 1966, the group issued a debut 45 (‘Midnight Snack’ b/w ‘This Calls For A Celebration’). Their second and final single (the excellent and hauntingly laid back ‘Light Show’ b/w ‘Silent Movies’) however, is by far their best effort and was released in early 1967. Unfortunately, both records made little impact and the band broke up soon after.

Artist information sources include: The book, ‘Fuzz, Acid, and Flowers Revisited’ by Vernon Joynson.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 single Double Shot 109

  • Light Show