The Fingers

From: Southend

The Fingers formed in 1966 in Southend and were one of the earliest pop/rock bands to identify themselves as psychedelic. Band members included Rick Mills (vocals) Alan Beecham (keyboards, horns), Maurice Dunn (lead guitar), David Grout (rhythm guitar), John Bobin (bass, cello), and Bob Clouter (drums).

In 1966, The Fingers signed to EMI Columbia and released two singles. “Circus With A Female Clown” appeared on EMI’s Psychedelia At Abbey Road 1965-1969. The band had a good sense of command of melodic playing and a spaced out pop sound. Their live performances were much more intense; the band performed with a monkey named “Freak Out”, who they claimed produced psychotic smells. Unfortunately, the public never responded to what The Fingers were selling, and record sales were low.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

  • I Hear The Sun [Previously Unreleased]

From the 1967 single Columbia DB 8112

  • All Kinds Of People