The Flower Power

From: Gulfport, MS, USA

The Flower Power was a psychedelic band from Gulfport, Mississippi, active from 1967 to 1970. Members included Craig Ferguson, Robert Weathersby, Gregg Giuffria, David McIntosh, Sandi Craig and Joe Rolison.

The band started out playing local gigs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They then met Tom and Paul Krimsier in New Orleans whilst looking for gigs in the parking lot of W.N.O.E., New Orleans, Louisiana. Tom and Paul soon became the band’s managers; Tom’s father-in-law, Joe Banashak, owned Tune-Kel Records and signed them to a contract in 1968. Their first single was “Bye Bye Baby”/”Mississippi Delta”, recorded at Cosimo Recording Studio.

David McIntosh and Robert Weathersby left the band and were replaced by Johnny Rand and Randall Currie respectively, both previously with The Soul Survivors. This lineup would stick together and record the band’s next two singles. The Flower Power opened for Jimi Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone and several others.

In August 1968, Randall Currie left the group and was replaced by James T. Tierce. Johnny Rand also left the band and was replaced by Dickie Burnet. Tierce only played with the band for five months before leaving. At this time, The Flower Power decided to remain a five piece band.

In July 1969, the band travelled to Houston, Texas, to open for The Nazz. On August 31st, the band were the opening act at the first New Orleans Pop Festival, a two day event featuring Janis Joplin, Santana and The Grateful Dead. The band recorded a lot of material while in Texas, however nothing was released. They continued on into 1970 and played the second Atlanta Pop Festival in Georgia. This would be the band’s last gig.

Artist information:

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Tune-Kel 608 – 1968

  • Sunshine Day
  • You Make Me Fly

Tune-Kel 612 – 1968

  • Trivialities
  • Mt. Olympus

Tune-Kel 613 – 1969

  • Don’t Burn My Wings
  • Sailing Around The Sun

Tune-Kel 614 – 1969

  • Stop! Check It