The Fox

From: Britain

The Fox were a short-lived band who issued a single in 1968 on the CBS label. “Mr. Carpenter” has a great groove to it with a buzzing sitar riff, psychedelic guitar breakdowns and stomping rhythms. “Seek And You Find” is also great with its driving guitars and strained vocals.

The Fox are a bit of a mystery; They’re not the same Fox who signed to GTO in the 1970’s, nor are they the band who issued the LP “For Fox Sake.” Rumours suggest Dave Mason of Traffic played sitar on the record and it was produced by John Goodison who later wrote songs for various glam rock bands including Mud.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single CBS 3381

  • Mr. Carpenter
  • Seek & You Find