The Freeborne

From: Boston, MA, USA

The Freeborne was an American psychedelic rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1966, and were one of many groups associated with the infamous “Bosstown Sound.”

The band formed from the remnants of two local frat rock groups, the Indigos and the Missing Links. the two groups performed Top 40 covers, but key players from both bands sought to move on in hopes of performing and writing original material. From the two bands, the Freeborne consisted of Bob Margolin (lead guitar), Dave Codd (bass, vocals), Nick Carstoiu (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Lew Lipson (drums), and Mike Spiros (keyboards, trumpet). Spiros wasn’t a member of either the Indigos or the Missing Links, but was added for his versatility. The band began playing in music clubs and fraternities in early 1967, and soon caught the attention of blues musician Barry Richards. It was through Richards’ connections with the New York-based Monitor Records that the Freeborne were signed to a recording contract.

The Freeborne recorded their debut album, Peak Impressions, at ESP Studios and CBS Studios. Despite their age range – between ages 17 and 19 – the band featured three capable multi-instrumentalists. The album was released in mid-1967 to moderate success on the East coast. The album did, however, suffer from being associated with the “Bosstown Sound,” a commercial campaign that advertised groups such as Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union and Orpheus with the intention of competing with the San Francisco Sound. Part of what lead to the album’s commercial disappointment was a lack of touring, due to the fact that three of the band’s members were still in high school. Still, the band was able to open for such acts as the Velvet Underground, the Left Banke, Tim Hardin and Canned Heat. The Freeborne fired their manager which resulted in the band losing their contract with Monitor Records, and the prospect of recording two more albums. They would eventually disband in late 1968, though variations of the band continued to perform well into the 1970s.

Margolin was the only member of the band to achieve considerable success after the Freeborne, performing with Muddy Waters in the 1970s. Peak Impressions was reissued in 2014 on Arf! Arf! Records and contained several bonus tracks. The album is now considered one of the better psychedelic pieces to emerge from Boston during the “Bosstown Sound” movement.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 album Peak Impressions

  • Images
  • Inside People
  • Land Of Diana
  • Peak Impressions And Thoughts
  • Yellow Sky