The Fruit Machine

From: London, England

There isn’t a lot of information available on this obscure London-based band that released three 45s in 1969. Band members included Chris Randall (bass), Andy “Ced” Curtis (guitar, vocals), Steve Gould (vocals, guitar) and Andy Deacon (drums).

Their second single, ‘I’m Alone Today’, is an outstanding bit of psych with great fuzz guitar and vocals. The B-side features a solid cover of Cream’s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love.’ The band’s third single (‘The Wall’/’The Willow Tree’) is also very strong, but was only released in America on the American Music Makers label.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1969 single Spark SRL 1027

  • I’m Alone Today

From the 1969 single American Music Makers AMM-0021

  • The Wall
  • The Willow Tree