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Gong is a Franco-British progressive/psychedelic rock band that was formed by Australian musician Daevid Allen. Gong’s music is often described as space-rock, a genre that includes bands like Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. The band formed in 1967 after Allen, then a member of the Soft Machine, was denied re-entry into the U.K. because of a problem with his visa. Deciding to remain in France, Allen and Sorbonne professor Gilli Smyth established the first incarnation of Gong.

The original line-up of the band also included Ziska Baum (vocals) and Loren Standelee (flute). During the 1968 student revolution, Allen and Smyth were forced to flee France for Deià in Majorca. It is said that the two found Didier Malherbe (saxophone) living in a cave in Deià before being invited back to France by film director Jerome Laperrousaz. Laperrousaz wanted the band to record the soundtrack of his movie Continental Circus. The band was also approached by Jean Karakos of the newly formed BYG label where they signed a multi-album deal.

In June 1971, Gong played at the second Glastonbury Festival. followed by a tour of the U.K. In 1972, the band was one of the first bands to sing to Virgin Records. By this time, Gong had established a consistent line-up, and released the album Flying Teapot in May 1973. Gong sold a large number of records, however, since they were sold for so little, the amount of money earned was not sufficient to cover the production costs.

Between 1973 and 1974, Gong experienced their peak years. Steve Hillage (guitar) was now a member of the band and they released their best-known work, the “Radio Gnome Trilogy.” This trilogy was three records that expounded upon the Gong mythology. Gong has experienced many different personnel changes over the years. The band has gone through several shifts throughout their existence, and the music has evolved accordingly. Gong’s earliest material is worthy of being included in any psych fan’s collection.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1970 album Magick Brother
Magick Brother

  • Rational Anthem
  • Glad To Say To Say
  • Pretty Miss Titty