The Gremlins

The Only Thing on my Mind is from the only EP released by Auckland pop band The Gremlins. Between 1966 and 1968 they released seven singles including two in the UK. This EP The Coming Generation has five songs on it, the longest is 2 minutes 28 seconds, it was released through Zodiac Records on their Viscount label.

Glyn Tucker (credited as Conway) – Lead Vocals
Paddy McAneney – Lead Guitar
Peter Davis – Rhythm Guitar
Ben Grubb – Bass Guitar
Roger Wiles – Drums

Vinyl Discography

But She’s Gone, Allied 1966
Coming Generation, Viscount 1966
Understand Our Age, Viscount 1966
You Gotta Believe, Zodiac 1967
Blast Off 1970, Viscount 1967
Never You Mind, Viscount 1967
Ballard Of A Busker, Zodiac 1968
Kingsforth Hemmingseen, Viscount 1968

Coming Generation, Viscount 1966

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  • The Only Thing On My Mind