The Groupies

From: New York City, NY, USA

The Groupies were from New York City–bad boys with a hard musical edge– bluesier than the Rolling Stones, who could have been considered pretty, standing next to the Groupies.  They were scruffy and arrogant and had been spoiled rotten by Ahmet Ertegan, president then, of Atlantic Records.

At one time, the Groupies were the number two band in New York–the Rascals being number one. This is unusual because the Groupies did not have a hit record. Their reputation was built solely on their live performances at New York’s The Scene club in the mid-1960s.  Everybody, including Ahmet, figured they had a big career ahead, but the Groupies kept screwing up. One of the worst screw-ups, was when they were scheduled for a concert appearance in Philadelphia.  The Groupies cashed in the plane tickets and flew to Los Angeles instead. That may have been the straw that broke Ahmet’s backing. The Groupies, however, were only sixteen and seventeen years old, and had no handle on responsibility.

The Groupies signed to Atco for just one single, “Primitive,” released in early 1966.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1966 single “Primitive”

  • Primitive