_46091958_hawkwind_rexFrom:  London, England

Over their 40-odd year history, Hawkwind were probably the most famous underground rock band in the world. The group was formed in the late ’60s by guitarist/singer Dave Brock, guitarist Mick Slattery and saxman/flautist/singer Nik Turner.

Hawkwind’s history has been marked by a series of confusing line-ups through 40 or so personnel changes. Their sound has continued to metamorphose and evolve: an almost jazz feel (“Hawkwind”), the “experimental” & acoustic sounds of early releases (“In Search of Space”), changing to the metal sound of their days (mid 70’s), and a modern electronic feel on the latest (“Electric Teepee”). Yes, one can detect definite evolutions. With the primary use of the synthesizer, heavy and delay with the touch of techno, Hawkwind practically created a genre of music that be called: psychedelic space-rock. Their creativity seems to be in the use of the synths to add to the intense moods of their songs. They were the master of the acid-space rock genre.  They are also a noted precursor to punk rock and now are considered a link between the hippie and punk cultures. ~ Progarchives, Wikipedia

Tracks Played on Psychedelicized….

From the 1972 single United Artists UP 35381

  • Silver Machine

From the 1970 album Hawkwind

  • Hurry On Sundown
  • Mirror of Illusion
  • Cymbaline (1996 bonus track)

From the 1973 album Space Ritual

  • Master Of The Universe
  • Orgon Accumulator

From the 1974 album Hall Of The Mountain Grail

  • The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)