Jake Holmes

Jake HolmesFrom: San Francisco, CA, USA

Best known for writing the classic song ‘Dazed And Confused’, Jake Holmes never received the proper credit he deserves. Holmes wrote the song in 1967, and released it on the album The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes. The unfortunate thing is, when the song appeared on the Led Zeppelin album, Led Zeppelin I, writing credits are given solely to Jimmy Page. Not the first or last time Zeppelin would do this sort of thing, the original ‘Dazed And Confused’ pretty much goes unheard of.

Before getting into music, Jake Holmes found success as part of a comedy duo with then-wife Kate. The two performed under the alias Allen & Grier, and released a compilation of their work entitled Better to Be Rich Than Ethnic. It was after a brief stint with fellow songwriter Tim Rose that Holmes began his solo career in music. Despite the excellent effort of ‘Dazed And Confused’,  The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes was mellow, and somewhat comedic.

In 1968 Holmes released a follow up LP, Letter To Katherine December. This record featured more orchestral backgrounds to the songs, greatly differing from the intensity of ‘Dazed And Confused’. Holmes released four more albums between 1969 – 2001. He may have never been given the proper credit for the Zeppelin classic, but Holmes did find success with writing jingles. Psychedelic fans everywhere should check out this original composition, appreciating all it has to offer.

Artist information sources: Richie Unterberger’s Jake Holmes on Allmusic.com

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The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes – 1967
Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes, The

    • Dazed And Confused

    A Letter To Katherine December – 1968

    • Leaves Never Break