Los Holy’s

Los Holy'sFrom: Lima. Peru

Los Holy’s was an instrumental band out of Peru who formed in 1966. The band recorded one LP and several singles, and are considered to be among the first rock groups to experiment with psychedelic rock, surf rock, and beat latin. Members included Marcos Goyzueta (lead guitar), Arturo Matto (rhythm guitar), Oscar Saenz (bass), Renzo Carozzi (farfisa organ), and Walo Carrillo (drums).

Initially known as the Sharks, the band formed in late 1966 by friends who were studying at GUE. Bartolomé Herrera in the district of Pueblo Libre. Upon finishing school, the band changed their name to Los Holy’s. Their first single, “Holy’s Psychedelic” / “Ginza Lights,” was recorded on the Dinsa/Success label, founded by Alberto Maravi. When it came to the band’s album, there were moments of tension between the members. Their manager and Carozzi wanted to record a more traditional album, whereas Walo, Goyzueta, and Saenz wanted to record something that was more along the lines of bands like Cream.

The album, Sueño sicodélico [Psychedelic Dream], was groundbreaking at the time of its release with its psychedelic and surf sound. The liner notes to the LP were of interest too. They said “We know all the sounds in the seabed? space stations do not capture waves produced thousands of light years? , try to reproduce those sounds with our instruments and perhaps being more pleasant than the sound of waves.” Los Holy’s recorded a handful of singles before disbanding in 1969. ~ Wikipedia

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 album Sueño sicodélico [Psychedelic Dream]
Sueño sicodélico

  • El Hombre Desnudo
  • Piedra De Doce Angulos